Solstice Sun Tanning Studios was started in 1994 by Rob Walker and he still owns the company today.  Our first location was in the Westbank area of Kelowna.  We currently have 2 stores - One in West Kelowna and one in Kelowna.


The following is some information designed to make your stay at Solstice Sun Tanning Studios as enjoyable as possible.  All of our staff are Smart Tan certified before their first training shift!  Training is our top priority and this will ensure you always have an amazing tanning experience!


Please click on the "Read More" link below to see for yourself all of the research and positive tanning information that is starting to come to light in the general population.  Did you know that tanning beds make Vitamin D, along with the Sunshine!?!?



1550 Harvey Avenue

West Kelowna

1761 Ross Road

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New Tanners Guide

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Jennifer Aniston gets it!

Jennifer Aniston gets it! In the article she says: “…going in the sun for 20 minutes a day is really important, Vitamin D, because we …

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